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We are always looking for new opportunities to bring the Paranormal Experience to the public. While Talking Paranormal & Ghost Hunts are no longer happening, look to the horizon for the next phase in our Paranormal Adventure! 

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    The EVPS Logo Bottle

You can show your support for the EVPS Team by purchasing this Officially Sponsored, Sturdy, 20oz., Double Walled, Hot/Cold, Aluminum Bottle. 

The EVPS Logo Bottle consists of the Official EVPS Team Logo and our team motto "We don't off proof of the Afterlife...just the possibility of one."          $19.95 + Tax & Shipping


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Our Commercial Services provide thorough and discrete investigations of businesses requiring information regarding claims of activity. We work to dispel any rumors of a haunting at your place of business.Always FREE of charge.

the paranormal pendulum

low tech paranormal device

EVPS, Inc. has been working on new 'Low Tech' devices to assist in your paranormal investigations. The Paranormal Pendulum is designed to reduce natural interference in order to help validate your experience. The device has a built in LED light to enhance your low light investigations, which is operated by a on / off switch and a 9 volt battery. The Paranormal Pendulum stand 7" tall by 4" wide. It is made of sturdy plastic. Crystal and LED lights vary in color.


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Established in 2008 by Brian, Linda and David Purdy, Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. along with their dedicated team members have been serving the Las Vegas Community and surrounding States for the past eleven years. With their state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience, the EVPS Team prides itself in conducting thorough and high quality Paranormal Investigations for their clients. The EVPS Team is available for both home and business investigations providing professional advice and guidance to better understand the activity that may be occurring within a given location. As Official Members of The Ghost Adventures Crew we understand the serious nature of the activity we investigate, and are held to a much higher standard of conduct within the Paranormal Community. NOTE: At this time we are NOT conducting investigations due to COVID-19 restrictions and will resume when it is safe to do so.

"We don't offer proof of the Afterlife.....just the possibility of one"  


Ghost Hunters

Our Residential Services provides thorough and discrete investigations of homes for our clients that seek answers regarding the activity that plagues their family, residence or individuals. Always FREE of charge.


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     The EVPS Team Bottle

You can show your support for the EVPS Team by purchasing this Officially Sponsored, Sturdy, 20oz., Double Walled, Hot/Cold, Aluminum Bottle.

The EVPS Team Bottle consists of a full wrapped image and EVPS Logo.              $19.95 + Tax & Shipping

 The Paranormal Pendulum

Introducing a new Low Tech device for the Paranormal Investigator. This device takes us back to a more organic and inexpensive method of communicating with the spirit world. The Paranormal Pendulum allows the investigator to ask questions without the high energy interference of modern day electronic devices. The Paranormal Pendulum makes a great display item for you home or office! $24.95 + Tax & Shipping