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Our Commercial Services provide thorough and discrete investigations of businesses requiring information regarding claims of activity. We work to dispel any rumors of a haunting at your place of business.Always FREE of charge.

Ghost Adventures 

Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel

The EVPS team is the only paranormal investigation team to ever investigate Binion's, until now. I was fortunate enough to have been interviewed for this episode by Zak on the rooftop of the casino.  This episode is a bit of a confirmation for us of the activity we believe happens on a regular basis within its walls.

​We witnessed many strange occurrences during our investigation but have never been allowed to release any of the evidence.

This video is the property of the original owner, EVPS makes no claims of ownership.



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The EVPS Team will be at Goldfield Days August 3rd & 4th in Goldfield, Nevada to celebrate Goldfield Days. We will be located in the J. S. Cook Building, come say hello!

Photos taken at Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel 2018 and The Las Vegas Paracon 2012 Bonnie Springs Ranch - Copyright Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc., All Rights Reserved.


Our Residential Services provides thorough and discrete investigations of homes for our clients that seek answers regarding the activity that plagues their family, residence or individuals. Always FREE of charge.

Established in 2008 by Brian, Linda and David Purdy, Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. along with their dedicated team members have been serving the Las Vegas Community and surrounding States for the past eleven years. With their state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience, the EVPS Team prides itself in conducting thorough and high quality Paranormal Investigations for their clients. The EVPS Team is available for both home and business investigations providing professional advice and guidance to better understand the activity that may be occurring within a given location. As Official Members of The Ghost Adventures Crew we understand the serious nature of the activity we investigate, and are held to a much higher standard of conduct within the Paranormal Community.

"We don't offer proof of the Afterlife.....just the possibility of one"