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Veteran Paranormal Investigators Brian, Linda and David Purdy founded EVPS in 2008 after spending nearly 10 years working privately on the paranormal activity that had captured their attention over the years. Since then they have grown their society to more than 8 highly dedicated members searching for answers to the unanswered question...Is there Life after Death? Today, Brian, Linda and David along with their experienced team of Paranormal Investigators manage a robust schedule for clients throughout the state. Brian and Linda Purdy along with their son David Purdy have been featured on Ghost Adventures - Aftershocks. David Purdy was a cast member on the Hit WeTV series Ghost In The Hood.  In 2017 the team decided to discontinue their public events and returned to their roots as private Paranormal Investigators helping families in need  of assistance with paranormal activity. 

david purdy

Investigator / Tech Specialist / Videographer (Founder) O.P.O.  of L.A.


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                   The elite vegas paranormal society team

Giving back

               John S. cook bank Building

             goldfield, Nevada

We are excited to announce the purchase of the John S. Cook Bank Building in Goldfield, Nevada! This historic early 1900's landmark will be the new home of both The Las Vegas Paracon and Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. The John S. Cook Building is now available for Private Ghost Hunts, Groups, Paranormal Teams and Organizations. For information on overnight hunts, please contact Brian Purdy at (702)685-3777 or by email at elitevegasparanormal@gmail.com

brian purdy

Co-Lead Investigator (Founder)

At EVPS, founders Brian, Linda and David Purdy and their team believe that true success is about more than growing their client base, this top-notch group of Paranormal Professionals devoted countless hours each year to benefits the non-profit Zoo at Bonnie Springs Ranch. From holding The Haunted Ghost Tours Experience, EVPS is committed not just to improving the process of paranormal research in this community, but to making Las Vegas and Nevada a better place to live. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

linda purdy

Co-Lead Investigator (Founder)