Nevada Northern Railroad Museum - Ely, NV (Train Yard)

EVPS Founders

Brian Purdy, Linda Purdy and David Purdy created EVPS in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  After years of unexplained activity in their lives, as a team they decided pursue the Paranormal on a much deeper level.

Brian Purdy is an Neurointerventional Radiology Technologist in a local Las Vegas Hospital.

Linda Purdy is an Implementation Consultant  for a large national corporation.

David Purdy is a freelance Videographer and Editor in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Their 15 year paranormal journey has led these three and their team to some of the most exciting and memorable locations. Locations like the Washoe Club, Linda Vista Hospital, Goldfield Hotel, Asylum 49, Nevada State Correctional Facility, Pioneer Saloon to name a few.

It has also inspired them to create such events including The Las Vegas Paracon, Talking Paranormal & Ghost Hunt and The Haunted Ghost Tours Experience at Bonnie Springs Ranch.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!

The EVPS Team often uses period clothing to elicit a more natural response during our investigations. The photo to the left is an example of this technique. We believe that spirits of the late 1800's might not understand the clothing and speech of the modern era, making them reluctant to interact.

Caroline Eliades, (3rd from the left) makes her own period accurate clothing by hand for various events. You can follow her on her IG Vlog at dressed_in_time.





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The founder's Biography

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Please include your phone number and a detailed description of your activity. Please note that we conduct a phone interview prior to any investigation to ensure the safety of the EVPS Team. We DO NOT rush out to locations without full knowledge of both the location and the residents. Our Case Manager will call you to get specifics.


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