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Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. offers both Residential and Commercial Paranormal Investigations for those clients that require assistance with activity that is thought to be paranormal in nature. Our goal is to investigate and understand the source of this reported activity and validate or explain logically the possible causes for our clients. All Investigations are handled in a discrete manner, always putting the client(s) and their privacy before all else. 

Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. Never charges for ANY Paranormal investigation. We feel it is a privilege to have the opportunity to assist with the client's questions concerning paranormal activity that they may be experiencing and there to help in any way possible. 

Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. uses state-of-the-art equipment to conduct Paranormal Investigations in your home or business, we conduct our investigations in a professional manner upholding the ideologies and methodology consistent with the Paranormal Community as a whole. Typical investigations can last between 4 - 8 hours, and vary according to the specific needs of the client. Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. requires that the location that is to be investigated be vacated of all occupants and pets, to ensure that any and all evidence is not contaminated.

Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. requires that the person(s) requesting a Paranormal Investigation be at least 18 years of age. All occupants of the property must be in agreement for the Paranormal Investigation to take place. A full and detailed Client Interview and Walk Through must be conducted prior to any Paranormal Investigation.  

               commercial / business


Commercial or business investigations are a smaller percentage of the calls Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. receives. Typically, these calls are for a slightly different reason all together. Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. is often asked to investigate commercial property in an attempt to disprove the claims of paranormal activity that may be interfering with daily establishment operations. Educating employees that may not wish to enter a certain room in the establishment for fear of being attacked or threatened by a suspected spirit. The loss of productivity by staff members that spend a great deal of time fixated on spirits they feel may be lurking within the building or turnover in staffing are just a few reasons we are contacted to help. 

This differs slightly compared to Residential Investigations, where homeowners wish to identify and sometimes remove a spirit(s) thought to be residing in their homes. Often, property owners are seeing decreased traffic in their establishments due to the rumors of a haunting or spirit activity. In these cases we are investigating to help change the public's paranormal perception of their businesses by disproving these rumors. That being said, it is important for perspective commercial clients to understand that if paranormal activity is discovered in their business establishment, they will be given an honest and accurate report reflecting these findings. Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. does not fabricate or manufacture evidence in order to dramatize claims of paranormal activity.

Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. treats every Commercial Client with respect, taking into account the complexity of each individual situation and environment while keeping all information confidential regarding our investigations, evidence or findings.

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"We don't offer proof of an Afterlife.....only the possibility of one."

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Residential or home investigations are the most common calls Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. receives and the primary reason for the existence of our Society.  It is our primary focus as members of the Paranormal Community and the Las Vegas Community to provide information, education and relief to anyone in the community that seeks answers. Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, Inc. treats every Residential Client with respect, taking into account the complexity of each individual situation and environment while keeping all information confidential regarding our investigation, evidence or findings.

It is also very important to know that the activity you may be experiencing is most likely NOT demonic in nature, 99.9% of cases in this country are often the result of simple poltergeist activity . Poltergeist is a German word meaning "Noisy Ghost" and this activity is often manifested by a young female in the home. A Demonic Haunt is often the conclusion that is readily available for those that lack the knowledge of this field, or the field of Demonology. This is not to say that what you are experiencing is not evil in nature, but that the odds are that your paranormal activity has a more earthly explanation.

Regardless of your belief of the situation, the most important thing to remember is that you are still in control. Spirits often grow more active in a home because the homeowner becomes frightened of the activity, giving the spirit the much needed energy to continue. You are not alone in your situation and there are Paranormal Teams all over the country that can assist you in your time of need, all you need to do is ask.