The video above is UNCUT and all Spirit Box chatter is unmarked, listen as the events unfold and give us your feedback!

  • That is the Priest0:04

  • Strange tones0:11

  • Whats the name of the little boy0:21

  • What is your name0:04


During our travels across this country the EVPS Team has gathered hundreds of hours of audio footage that has to be painstakingly reviewed in order to find truly noteworthy EVPs. This is a small selection of some of the amazing EVPs captured during our years of Paranormal Investigations. None of the Audio clips have been enhanced from their original state.

  • Opera House Growel0:07

  • Telly Breath0:06

audio library - evp / spirit box

  • Cant leave0:09

  • Do you like Matt0:15

  • Private House...Get out0:13

  • The Kid0:03

  • Do you want us to leave0:08

audio / Video

Video library 

  • Murad Linda Hello there knock0:58

  • They Caught Me0:08

  • I've got lip stick0:28

  • The Little boy0:16

  • Purdy0:05

  • What do they call Mathew0:21

  • NOt down here, laugh0:10


While on our journeys across Nevada and the surrounding States, we have collected hundreds of hours of video footage during our paranormal investigations. We have also compiled many videos to help the EVPS Team promote the events we hold throughout the year. We are honored that you have taken the time to look at a small cross section representing our body of work. 

  • How many spirits are with us0:10

  • Enough BS0:04

  • Can you tell us our names0:26

  • Is there sombody called Mr. Nice0:13

  • The Childs Name0:06

  • Want us to leave0:07